Ricotta and spinach tortelloni with pesto sauce 300g/10.5oz


Delicious tortelloni with a ricotta and spinach filling served with pesto sauce, available in handy single portions and in bigger formats for Food Service. Made with accurately selected raw ingredients and innovative processes to create an exquisitely genuine product.


Pasta 64%: Pasta dough:65%: durum wheat semolina (gluten), pasteurized egg mixture (20% on semolina), water, gluten.

Filling 35%: ricotta cheese 63% in filling (cow milk whey, cow milk, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid), spinach (19% percent in filling), breadcrumbs (soft wheat flour, yeast, salt), salt.

Sauce 36%: fresh pasteurized whole milk, sunflower seed oil, basil 12.3%, water, cashew nuts, soft wheat flour, salt, grated cheese (milk, salt, whey), extra virgin olive oil, vegetable fiber, PDO Pecorino Romano (goat milk, salt, whey), fructose, acidity regulator: ascorbic acid, pine nuts, garlic, nutmeg, pepper.

–        ALLERGENS: wheat (gluten), milk, cashews (dried nuts). 

–        STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -18°C/-0.4°F

–        SHELF LIFE: 18 months


Heated in 900W microwave oven: 5 minutes.

Heated in 180°C/356°F oven: 35 minutes.

Heated in pan: 6-7 minutes.