Chef Italia

Flavours, tradition and authenticity from our kitchen

Frozen ready meals, frozen fresh pasta, frozen precooked pasta and frozen sauces for Retail and Food Service

Chef Italia, ready meals the traditional way

Chef Italia produces and sells frozen ready meals in individual portions and in catering size.

With services dedicated to Retail and Food Service, we prepare recipes in the traditional way, using carefully selected ingredients processed by high-tech plants. We produce frozen ready meals to bring Italian recipes to the Italian and international markets.

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Frozen first courses

Carefully selected ingredients managed by innovative industrial processing to cook up traditional Italian gourmet recipes

this is how we make our frozen first-course ready meals.


Mains and sides

With meats from the very best Italian farms and traditionally prepared sides, our individual portions are ideal for serving up gourmet meat-based mains in a matter of minutes

after brief cooking in the microwave, oven or frying pan, for mouthwatering mains.


Our sauces

The perfect balance of ingredients for traditional, authentic-tasting sauces and all the wholesome goodness of Italy

in individual portions and in catering size to pair with your dishes.


Frozen fresh pasta

Processed the traditional way and made using ingredients from our local area,

our frozen fresh pasta is ready for cooking, which takes just a matter of minutes.


Frozen precooked pasta

With our frozen precooked pasta, you can now finally prepare delicious, sophisticated first-course dishes paired with superb sauces,

recreating the true flavour of Italy’s gastronomic tradition.


Food Service

We make catering-size frozen ready meals exclusively for the Food Service and hotel, restaurant and catering world,

using carefully selected ingredients prepared following traditional recipes.


Private Label

We work with our customers to create new recipes, working on ingredients and nutritional values as part of Private Label projects.

We always offer the utmost flexibility and care in developing the recipe and fine-tuning the packaging to launch your project.


Traditional and locally sourced

With thorough, in-depth knowledge of our local area and the ingredients market, we’re able to offer our customers delicacies within a local supply chain.

Our sizes

Our gourmet recipes are designed to meet the needs of retail consumers and wholesalers for the Food Service channel.