Eco-friendly packaging – certifications

Ready meals in eco-friendly trays

We don’t just take care of our dishes: we tend to our packaging too!
Alongside the use of locally sourced ingredients, we utilise fully recyclable cellulose trays for the production of our frozen ready meals.

Our eco-friendly trays accompany our meals without upsetting their organoleptic balance; on the contrary, they preserve the flavours and aromas!

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Chef Italia has been IFS-certified at both sites — Castelvetro di Modena and Castelnuovo Rangone — for a number of years now, meaning we can sell our products in and export them to all supermarkets worldwide.

The company has been Bioagricert-certified for 10 years: this certification enables Chef Italia to sell organic ready meals in Europe as well as in the USA (NOP).

The company has also gained considerable experience in developing Private Label (PL) projects focused on producing Kosher (for the Jewish food market) and Halal (for the Muslim food market) frozen ready meals and frozen filled pasta.


Greener delicacies

An all-natural product was an absolute must to complement our wholesome recipes. You can rest assured that you’re purchasing greener ready meals, not only thanks to our expert use of local ingredients, but also in terms of our sound choice of packaging.

Since day one, we’ve always taken care to produce a fully sustainable product to cater to everyone’s taste, without ever neglecting environmental protection.

For this reason, we’ve opted for the use of a fully sustainable, eco-friendly type of packaging for our individual portions, designed to complement all of our ready meals while caring for the environment.



Eat healthily, consume responsibly

We help you eat healthily and responsibly with our delicious individual portions and multi-portions designed to meet the needs of retail purchasing consortia and the hotel, restaurant and catering channel.

Our cellulose trays and fully recyclable packaging is also used for our Private Label service, with which we guarantee authentic products that cater to the requirements expressed by the requesting brand.

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