Traditional and locally sourced

Unbeatably authentic ready meals

Since our very first day in business, we’ve exercised the utmost care in selecting the ingredients we use to make our products. Our extremely in-depth knowledge of the local area and that of our ingredient suppliers enables us to offer locally sourced delicacies made using traditional recipes.  

Our individual portions embrace the sheer authenticity of our land, combined with traditional Emilian recipes for frozen local dishes that you can heat up in a matter of minutes in a conventional oven, microwave or frying pan

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We showcase our local area

We set out to showcase all the glory of our local area by preparing 100% authentic frozen ready meals. Alongside our frozen ready meals, we have an entire area dedicated to the production of frozen fresh pasta that’s ready to eat in just a few minutes. 

From lasagne with Bolognese sauce and tortellini with cream to our truly delicious ravioli and cannelloni, each and every recipe is made the traditional way. 

Our customers can also benefit from our production of frozen ready-made sauces, prepared with premium ingredients and following age-old recipes from our gastronomic tradition.


Upholding our traditions

From day one, our mission has always been to preserve local traditions by preparing and selling gourmet ready meals that enhance and elevate the aromas and smells of our land. 

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