A time-honoured tradition

Our adventure in the world of frozen foods began in 1977 in Castelvetro, one of the oldest, most picturesque villages in the province of Modena. Brothers Luciano and Graziano Sola owned a small meat-processing business right here. Over time, with passion and dedication, they transformed it into something much bigger.

They decided to invest in their business in 1988, expanding their premises. Then, in 1996, one step ahead of the market, the two brothers set up facilities for the artisanal production of frozen fresh pasta, frozen precooked pasta and frozen first courses.

But the real turning point came in 2002, when the company took the name “Modena Sapori”, highlighting the age-old ties with tradition. It was in that very period that the two frozen fresh pasta and frozen ready meal lines were launched, which began taking not only Emilian tables but also those throughout Italy by storm.


How it all began

Luciano and Graziano Sola set up a fresh meat butcher’s business.


A brilliant idea

The Sola brothers’ business expanded more and more, improving its processing operations with the subsequent implementation of two lines for processing frozen fresh pasta and frozen ready meals.


The Modena Sapori venture

Modena Sapori was launched, with a view to exporting the delicacies of Emilian cuisine around the world.


Chef Italia, a new challenge

Luciano’s son, Jonathan Sola, launched Chef Italia, ushering in the production of frozen ready meals and frozen fresh pasta, frozen precooked pasta and frozen sauces, all in ultra-handy individual portions. With 2 production sites, products exported to over 15 countries and the desire to take on new challenges time and time again.


The launch of Chef Italia

In 2011, Luciano’s son, Jonathan Sola, also played a part in the mission to export the flavours and aromas of Emilian cuisine. With initiative and resourcefulness, as well as his experience as a top chef, he transformed Modena Sapori into Chef Italia. His aim was to produce frozen ready meals, frozen fresh pasta, precooked pasta and frozen sauces, faithfully following recipes handed down from generation to generation.

These days, Chef Italia relies on a team of highly skilled staff. And, using carefully selected locally-sourced ingredients, it produces, sells and exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide in handy, single-use trays that are suitable for everyone.

In 2016, Chef Italia opened a second production site in Castelnuovo Rangone, where it installed 2 production lines, enabling it to become more and more responsive and flexible in satisfying its customers’ needs.

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