Food Service

Ready meals for Food Service

We make products exclusively for the Food Service and catering and restaurant world, using carefully selected ingredients prepared following traditional recipes.

In particular, we produce frozen ready meals with an 18-month shelf life for hospitals, clinics, canteens, schools, companies and bars that need gourmet first courses and wholesome, tasty seconds. We cater to all needs, with individual portions and catering-size multi-portions developed to offer products that are ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

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Chef Italia

Ready meals

We produce first courses and mains with sides ready to be heated up in the microwave, frying pan or oven. We only ever use authentic, natural products and artisanal preparation methods.

Chef Italia

Frozen fresh pasta

Our frozen fresh pasta is undeniably our flagship product. Made the traditional way, using locally sourced ingredients.

Chef Italia

Precooked pasta

We produce frozen precooked pasta that’s ready in just a few minutes for the preparation of perfectly flawless first courses.

Chef Italia


Our sauces will help you create beautifully balanced first courses steeped in tradition.


Improve your business while preventing waste

Do you own a business in the catering world?  Do you manage a canteen or offer a catering service? We have just the solution for you!

The main goal of our area dedicated to the Food Service world is to support our customers with mouthwateringly delicious delicacies, leading to considerable resource savings for the companies requesting our services.

We offer ready-to-use meals made using traditional recipes, helping you save time, so you can devote your resources to other activities. When you choose us as your partner, not only can you rest assured that you’re purchasing authentic, properly controlled products, but you’ll also save all the time it would take to prepare the dish, which includes not only cooking it but also selecting the ingredients beforehand. You’ll therefore benefit from a smarter, faster and more flexible kitchen with greater capacity for serving your customers.

Nothing but authenticity for your dishes

We guarantee the authenticity of each and every dish. All our ready meals are made using carefully selected ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers from the region, for local production.

Authenticity is what sets our dishes apart. That’s why to this day we still offer only the very finest ingredients, using truly traditional recipes for flavoursome, sophisticated dishes.

We craft and package high quality dishes within our company, offering our customers only the very best. Our individual portions are designed to enable our customers to use only the specific weight they require, thus preventing any detrimental waste of resources.

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