Gnocchi alla sorrentina 300 g/10.5oz


Potato gnocchi alla sorrentina, with tomato, mozzarella, Parmigiano cheese and basil, ready in the oven in just four minutes. Sold in 300 grams single serving portions, our gnocchi are prepared with fine, selected ingredients and according to traditional recipes.


Gnocchi 56%: water, potato flakes 29%, soft wheat flour, potato starch 23%, salt.

Sauce 44%: tomato puree 74% (tomato, tomato juice), mozzarella 15.5% (milk, salt, coagulating enzyme, lactobacillus) mixed vegetables in varying proportions (celery, carrot, onion), salt, sugar, rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, basil, parsley, origan.

–        ALLERGENS: wheat (gluten), milk, celery.

–        STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -18°C/-0.4°F

–        SHELF LIFE: 18 months


Heated in 900W microwave oven: 4 – 4 ½ minutes.

Heated in 180°C/356°F oven: 30 minutes.

Heated in pan: 6-7 minutes.