Seafood spaghetti (allo scoglio) 300g/10.5oz


Delicious spaghetti allo scoglio with mixed seafood in single servings and other different formats specifically designed for sale. This dish is prepared with accurately selected raw ingredients and is a quick and tasty solution, a delectable first course that can be served in just a few minutes.


Pasta 53%: durum wheat semolina (gluten), water, salt.

Sauce 47%: tomato puree 52% (tomato, tomato juice), mollusks and crustaceans in varying proportions 36.6% (squid rings and tentacles (salt, acidity regulator: E330, E331) shrimp, (salt, antioxidant: sodium metabisulfite E223, acidity regulator: E330, E331), mussels, clams (water, salt)), onion, sunflower seed oil, rice flour, salt, garlic, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, basil, pepper, chili pepper.

–        ALLERGENS: wheat (gluten), sulfites, mollusks, crustaceans.

–        STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -18°C/-0.4°F

–        SHELF LIFE: 18 months


Heated in 900W microwave oven: 4 – 4 ½ minutes.

Heated in 180°C/356°F oven: 30 minutes.

Heated in pan: 6-7 minutes.