Sea bass and shrimp ravioli


Soft pasta dough embraces a filling of sea bass and shrimp for a first course with all the flavors and aromas of the sea. Our sea bass and shrimp ravioli are perfect for making a simply delicious dish in minutes.


Pasta dough 60%: durum wheat semolina (gluten), pasteurized egg mixture (20% in semolina), water, gluten.

Filling 40%: hake, shrimp 32.93%, sea bass 6.59%, ricotta cheese (cow milk whey, cow milk, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid), breadcrumbs (type “0” soft wheat flour, yeast, salt), grated hard cheeses (milk, salt, whey, egg lysozyme), salt, pepper, garlic.

–        ALLERGENS: wheat (gluten), milk, egg, fish, shellfish.

–        STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -18°C/-0.4°F

–        SHELF LIFE: 18 months

–        WEIGHT: 500g/1.1lb, 1kg/2.2lb, 3kg/6.6lb.


While product is still frozen, 4-5 minutes in boiling water.