Ricotta and spinach cannelloni with tomato sauce 300 g/ 10.5oz


Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, prepared according to Italian tradition for a genuine tasting experience. The colors of the Italian tricolore (three-colored) flag are combined in one unrivalled dish for a soft embrace with a traditional flavor.


Sauce 51% (fresh whole pasteurized milk, tomato puree (tomato, tomato juice), water, sunflower seed oil, soft wheat flour, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano (milk, salt, whey), mixed vegetables in varying amounts (celery, carrot, onion) salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, rice flour, basil, parsley, nutmeg, pepper.

Pasta 49%: pasta 35% (durum wheat semolina (wheat), soft wheat flour, eggs, water, salt).

Filling 65%: ricotta cheese 86% (whey, dairy cream (milk), salt, acidity regulator: citric acid), spinach 7%, PDO Grana Padano (milk, salt, whey, preservative: egg lysozyme), breadcrumbs (soft wheat flour, water, salt, yeast), salt.

  • ALLERGENS: wheat (gluten), milk, egg, celery.
  • SHELF LIFE: 18 months

-Heated in 900W microwave oven: 5 minutes.

-Heated in 180°C/356°F oven: 35 minutes.

-Heated in pan: 6-7 minutes.